Maximum speed and minimum load

Your website is ready for extreme server loads and minimal maintenance costs by creating static pages.

Clean html code, friendly to search

Add a template in the original without technical markup, the excess code inherent for other systems.

Easy custom interface

Customize the administrator’s workbar for yourself or the customer. Hide unnecessary elements, determine the appropriate order for them.

Easy to maintain

Unlike static generators, it does not require the installation of additional software on a computer and allows you to use the advantages of static and dynamic data at the same time.


Unzip the downloaded archive into the folder on the hosting and go to the main page of your site. At the first start, the system will offer you to set the login and password for logging in.

After logging in, select the Database item and connect using the database credentials.


Examples of configuration files for Nginx и Apache. You can also take advantage OpenServer under Windows, here there is instructions for setting it up. Better yet, take advantage of the Beget offer 30 days of free hosting.